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A PPC Specialists’ Favourite Ads

Written by Eleanor McGleenan

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...and why I think they’re the best digital marketing ads out there

When I sat down to write this blog post, I was going to tell you all about the BEST digital marketing ads on the internet right now. Then, as I started to research, I realised that would be a mistake as A) the internet is vast and B) I am only one person with a particular set of likes and dislikes. 

Gone are the days of everyone knowing all of the ads on terrestrial television at any given time and quotes becoming pop culture references… That we keep on file, in.. a filing.. cabinet!!! With the ever-growing popularity of streaming services, fewer and fewer people are watching “normal” television, and the sphere of online advertising is just a whole other story. 

Our online experiences have become so customised that it is doubtful that you and I see all of the same advertising while we are scrolling through [insert social media name here].

Anyway, the whole concept of me telling you what is the best seems a little biased. Yes, I work in the area and ok, perhaps I might have a stronger opinion than you on what qualifies as a “good” ad, but I am by no means a leading authority and let’s face it, you don’t really care what I think, do you?!

So today, I decided I will show you my favourite ads online and why I think they’re the best (compared to other ads I see online, rather than compared to the entirety of the world wide web!) Click the brand name in the title to see the advert.

Coming In Hot at Number 5: UberEats

This ad took me a couple of seconds to understand. So maybe it still needs a little bit of work. The speed and intensity of the video made a nice contrast to many of the other ads on my Instagram feed which tend to be a combination of perfect pinks and greys and scandi inspired skylines, so this ad definitely stood out. Initially, I had thought that “Iceland” was a typo and that they meant “Ireland”, but after watching the video a couple of times, I realised that they were referring to the supermarket. 

I think the fast subtitles were probably done to encourage people to watch the video more than once, driving up their engagement rate. Still, I wonder how many of those engagements then turn into direct sales, mainly when I saw that ad at 7:30 am!!


Number 4 is…. VANS

As a pre-launch ad, this is nice. The ad didn’t give me much of a sense of what is to come - but perhaps if I were familiar with the brand they are partnering with, then it would make more sense. I feel like they might be launching a sneaker/ski boot product from the imagery used, but perhaps I am entirely wrong! But overall, I think, if you are more familiar with the VANS brand, this would be a good ad and would probably drive more interest around the launch. 


Third place goes to… Kambukka

Instagram Kambukka Ad


While I was not in the market for a coffee flask, and I work from home, so really, I don’t require one. I am now considering a Kambukka Coffee Flask. Having the product in the model’s hand gives you a great reference as to the size. Also, based on the lid/cap of the bottle being in full view, you can see that it appears to be sturdy and leakproof. The simple caption “Bringing delicious coffee from home to work…” tells you everything you need to know and provides context without expanding the text. Overall I think this is a beautifully simple ad!

Numero 2.. Brown Thomas

Instagram AD

Ah, Brown Thomas - you never let me down! Their ads always strike me as the epitome of chic fashion. The image is clear and uncluttered so you can see the outfit’s details, and the model’s pose complements the style of the clothes and allows you to see the different pieces in full, unlike some other retailers (I’m looking at you, Zara!!). The addition of the “Shop this look” type feature at the bottom of the image allows you to see the pieces individually and gives you a reference point when you go to the website. 

And the winner is! Wool and The Gang 

I see this ad almost every time I am on social media, and I love it!! As a consumer, it provides excellent insight into what is included in the pack and how straightforward it is to get started. The little captions that appear on the screen are humorous but not too much, so they don’t irritate and offering the 10% off is a great way to entice new customers.

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