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Agency vs. In-House Marketer

Agency vs. In-House Marketer

I was asked a question by an agency non-believer recently, which was “why would I pay fees to an external marketing agency, when I can simply employ a marketing person and manage it all myself?”

First thought, do you want to manage it all yourself? Have you enough knowledge of marketing yourself? Probably not if you’re hiring someone. Do agencies actually charge fees anymore? Because at VM, we price jobs as we go, and our costs include the team.

Here’s 4 reasons why an agency is worth considering…

Generalist v Specialists – Marketing agencies bring together a diverse set of skills, and therefore each part of a project is managed by an expert in that area. In comparison, an in-house marketer will usually have a general range of knowledge, so you may need to employ strategists, designers, videographers, drone operators, socialisers (my word) and search experts anyway.

Return on Investment – it’s simply about the efficiency that expertise, diversity of capability and accountability provides. At VM, we focus on lead generation, so we set goals for each campaign, and implement a variety of marketing tactics and are of course accountable for campaign results. We are motivated to make our recommendations work. Believe me, MD’s of agencies don’t like losing clients. If we fail, we may be fired, so we are always focussed.
Would you fire your own staff as quickly?

Flexibility & Focus – Because you know your marketing partner has a client services team, with a team of experts on each job, they manage the work, so you don’t have to manage your marketer. The benefit to you, is that as a business owner, you can focus on what matters – your business development!

Contingency Plans – Marketing agencies have multiple resources which can be drawn on as required, to adapt when problems arise (and they often do) and yet deliver campaigns seamlessly and efficiently.

In summary, if you run a medium size company with revenues of 1m+, you should be investing €50k pa in marketing & lead gen. That’s not going to get you a marketer with extensive experience either. They will realistically manage providers (like a design, web, social, digital agency or all of the above) and need a substantial budget for medial on top of their package. If you spend even less on a junior marketer, then they won’t have the skills or experience to generate a return on your investment. Food for thought.

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