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Growing your business during Covid-19

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My business coach told me recently that as a business, if you’re not growing you’re dying. So we continue to plan and market ourselves, despite the difficult climate and you should too.


Yet many companies think when times get tough, that they should cut marketing costs. But as I’ve said before, marketing must be viewed as an investment, for two reasons, one, because if seen as a cost you won’t give it the time and attention it deserves and two, you should expect a return on it. Plus remember your local LEO, is offering grants of up to €2500, to help get you online for instance.


Here are 7 things you can do to keep sales coming in and your customers and employees engaged, no matter where they may now be working from.

1 – Think long & hard about your digital marketing tactics

Carefully planned marketing campaigns are vital to business growth, especially in the current climate. More importantly, you must measure results to understand what works and what doesn’t. We don’t have the luxury of the usual trial and error method; we have to execute every time. Achieving awareness for a new non-essential brand in the middle of a pandemic is extremely challenging


2 – Consider your customers’ perspective when interacting with them. 

To make the most of social media, identify your target customers and pay close attention to what they’re saying and doing online. At a time when we all feel uncertain about our health and the economy, you can stand out by responding to your customers’ current needs and concerns, and looking at things from their perspective.


3 – Work on your virtual selling skills. 

Treat your virtual sales calls like meeting in person and prioritise your first impression. Dress professionally, optimise your background and home office environment, and make sure your audio and video are clear for clear communication. 


4 – Host events or presentations  that will interest and educate your audience. 

Host a virtual event or start a podcast that is relevant and interesting to your target customers.. It’s a great way to add value while reaching people in the comfort of their homes or to listen to on a walk. Of course you’ll need to brainstorm to find the best ways to make your webinar or podcast stand out from the crowd.


5 – Let your network know what you’re doing. 

Business growth opportunities often present themselves when you know the right people, especially when entrepreneurs are trying to connect and help each other stay afloat. So focus on networking, not only to build new connections, but to keep your existing contacts up to speed on your current plans and achievements.


6 – Produce genuine, transparent communication with your customers and employees. 

Just like you, your customers may be feeling uncertain, but they’ll remember the companies that reach out or support them during these difficult times. Take a holistic approach to your customer communication strategy, including changes you’ve made due to COVID-19 and what they can expect from your company.


7 – Don’t forget to mind your employees. 

Your team needs leadership in a time of crisis, so use this time to build a stronger sense of community among your team members. This can give them a better sense of their value to the company and make them more motivated and productive, which will ultimately lead to business growth.


So don’t focus on what you can’t do right now, think about what you can do. And then take action, it will bear fruit.

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