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Showcase your products and services with a 360 virtual tour

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With a virtual tour, your potential customers can see exactly what you have to offer, without even having to step foot in your building.

And with 360 panoramic images, they can get a complete view of everything you have to offer.


Areas we cover with 360 Virtual Tours


The first step in the process of creating a 360 Virtual Tour is pre-planning, discussion around strategy and agreeing goals for the project. During this phase, we organise a meeting with the client to discuss the brief in detail, the purpose of the project and run through how the tour will be used when finalised.

There are 3 key phases to the video creation process:

  • Pre-Production - where preparation, coordination and planning take place
  • Production/Shooting - when VM films and captures the elements to be included in the virtual tour.
  • Post-Production - where the elements come together to create the final tour.


During this phase the VM team along with the primary contact on the project will sit to identify the budget, set timelines and discuss the shoot location. 


It’s important for us to do a site visit to give us a clear idea of the space we will be shooting in allowing us to consider things like the access, and the light, study the floor plan, agree on a shoot list, and assess reflections, etc.


2-3 days prior to the scheduled shoot day, the VM team will prepare a shoot plan which will be shared with the client. This shoot plan will include all the details of that day's shoot such as the location, time the VM crew will arrive to set up, and length of the shoot. This is to ensure that the filming day runs smoothly and efficiently for all on-site. Do we need a drone and/or panoramics to accompany the 360 Tours?


At this stage, we will have determined what features will be included in the virtual tour, and then we can make sure to capture everything we need and don’t need to go back a second time.

Production Phase

Now all the planning and pre-production is complete it is time to have some fun! The production phase is where the VM crew captures all of the shots for your tour.


Before we start shooting, we need to make sure the room looks as perfect as possible. We do a quick run-through and remove any items (or people) that stand in the way of the camera, clear the room of any  messes or anything that may distract potential buyers from high-value features. We want to make sure that the camera will have a clear view of the entire room. 


The shooting day typically includes:

  • Setting up the equipment (Camera and Tripod)
  • Making sure the room has enough light
  • Shooting the location (Internals/Externals)
  • Drone Shooting - We plan the Drone shots in advance as we need to apply for flight permission and sometimes can take a couple of days. Also, for a better and nicer shot, we shoot on clear and bright days. 

Post Production

During the post-production process, the VM team will begin organising, selecting and planning to create your bespoke virtual tour. We will carefully review all the panoramas, stitch them together and begin the process of piecing it all together to bring your tour to life.


The VM Team will send the first draft of the tour to the client via a private link to review and provide feedback. It is important at this stage that all key stakeholders review the tour and all amends are gathered and sent back in one email to avoid additional edit fees being incurred. One round of edits is always included in our fees.


Once the tour is finalised and approved, we will render and export the tour to our hosting server and send you an embed link that you can share in your social channels and/or add to your website.  If you are planning to use the tour on a specific platform these requirements will have been discussed at the planning stage and will also be supplied. 

See how 360 Virtual Tours increase engagement

360 Virtual Tours Drive Results

With a 360 virtual tour, you can give your potential customers a complete view of your location.

This will help to increase engagement and interest in what you have to offer.

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Exo Building 360 Internal

Feels Like Your Customer is Standing in the Space

Potential customers can see everything you have to offer, without even having to step foot in your location.

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VM Digital is highly enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with you to create your virtual tour content.

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