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Podcasts: The Best Way to Build Credibility and Relationships

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Podcasts are a fantastic way to become a thought leader or an authority in your field, sharing your knowledge and expertise and gaining credibility and building relationships with your audience.

Our Podcast Production Speciality

Our podcast team has created, produced and edited over 100 podcasts and distributed them across all the leading podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple and Google Play.

Clients work with us because we can offer the complete service from podcast concept and logo development, scripting, pre-recording run through, production and editing through to directory submission and approval.

We use the latest technology to record our podcast on-site, in-studio or remotely online.

Benefits of Podcast

Reach Your Target Audience

Well-produced podcasts are an effective, convenient and intimate way to deliver and produce content to reach your target audience.

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Rapid Audio Growth

2.53 million Irish adults (71%) listen to digital audio in an average week in 2020 – up 9% on 2019

Podcast consumption is up by 33%

51% of people are consuming more podcasts than they did a year ago with 25% expecting to increase that further in the next 12 months.

(reference: IAB Ireland research Listen Up Ireland 2020)

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Podcasts FAQ

Podcasts are easy to consume, convenient, portable and time-efficient and because it’s an on-demand technology, the listener decides where and when to listen to their content.

There are podcasts on all subjects now, so there is an audience for your content whether B2B or B2C.

Podcasts are also a clever way to engage and grow your social media audience, your podcast subscribers are right at the core of your community and as the relationship develops through the content you share, they will become advocates for your business, through cross-selling and loyalty programmes.

Jumping into the world of podcasts production can seem like a daunting concept but with the right team of experts, the know-how and resources to help you through every step of the process, it doesn’t have to be.

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