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10 Landing Page SEO Tips

Written by Artur Burkalo

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In our landing page SEO tips, you'll discover how to optimise your landing pages by having useful, engaging and relative content on your web page that will help to rank higher, generate more leads from potential customers and clients, and make more sales. 

10 Landing Page SEO Tips in 2021

1. Landing Page Title

We need to determine what our web page is going to be about and give it a title, and it should be merged with a focused keyword that has some search traffic. 

The title needs to be engaging, and relative to the content, for example, this blog post has a title which is "10 Landing Page SEO Tips in 2021", but the actual long-tail keyword is "Landing page SEO tips" which has a volume of estimated 100 searches a month in Ireland.

100 google searches a month may not seem a lot, but it's relative to the content. When the user searches for what they are looking for and it matches their exact query, they are more likely to read the content, therefore our engagement level is higher and bounce rates are lower. Google will pick up on this and will reward us by giving this blog post a higher rating, by bringing it up to the top of the search engine results.

To find keywords you could use a free app Ubersuggest, which will give you an idea of how many people search the keyword per month, how difficult it is to rank for those search results, plus ideas on expanding the keyword to a long-tail keyword.You'll also see the best-ranked pages with the page titles - that's where you can get your title ideas.

Keywords can be added to each page and post with plugins such as Rank Math or Yoast SEO that will help to boost your SEO, both plugins are free to use for adding keywords.

Warning: don't repeat keywords from other pages on your site as this can be marked as cannibalisation in SEO and can impact the search engine results page.

2. Landing Page URL

Once we have defined the landing page title, we need to ensure our website URL and permalink matches the title and the keyword.

For example for our Website Design and Development page we would not want to have our page as https://staging36.vmdigital.ie/?p=123 or https://staging36.vmdigital.ie/2021/07/06/sample-post/, instead, we want to keep it clean like https://staging36.vmdigital.ie/services/website-design. 

Take a look at Google search results, our URL looks clean and tidy, Google also likes it clean. 

Example of Google Search result for Landing Page SEO tips

You will also note that we have used "services" as a slug in our URL, and our permalink is "website-design", the slug helps Google crawlers to understand what kind of content it is.

3. Page Description SEO Tips for Landing Page

It is important to give your page a short description, including the title phrase which acts like a summary of the page’s most important content. This will briefly give the user (the human) an explanation of what the page is all about, giving you a chance to grab their attention. 

We recommend keeping between 50 to 100 words and include the focused keyword in there to stay on point - synonyms are fine to use.

4. Call To Action (CTA) SEO tips for landing page

You have to guide users as to what they need to do on your website on arrival, which helps to increase website engagement, which is all part of SEO. 

The call to action button can be the 'Try For Free' button if you are offering a trial of a product or a service, or the 'Learn More' button if want to increase brand awareness or the 'Get in Touch' button which leads to a contact page, where they can contact you by phone, email, or a contact form.

You can have more CTA buttons throughout the website, it's a great idea to have CTA at the end of the page, to remind users to take some sort of action.

When naming a button, the first word should be a direct command to the user such as "Get", "Join", "Subscribe", "Try", and so on, this will increase the rate of users clicking to wherever you want them to go, or whatever you want them to do on your website.

To give you some inspiration you can start with a Hubspot post about "40 Call-to-Action Examples You Can't Help But Click" - that's worth a read. 

5. Page Content

Word Count

When writing content it's a good idea to have more words that are simple, to the point and, of course, the user would like to see more visuals and videos with content too, which I'll get into later.

  • 300+ Words is OK!
  • 500+ Pretty Good!
  • 900+ Awesome!


Your website must have a structure to each page. Start With H1 (use only once for your title tag), Paragraph, H2, Paragraph / H3, and so on. It helps to stay on point and helps the reader to absorb the most important information as they can skip between headings and read what they are more interested in.

Warning: never copy content from someone else's website to your web page, this will duplicate content and can harm your ranking.

6. Include Services or Products

This section can showcase some of the products and/or services by adding a quick summary and another CTA button.

The user can clearly see straight away what services or products your business offers.

7. Service or Product Benefits

This SEO tip for the landing page should be focused on the business culture, and explain WHY the user should choose your business over another, what you offer and how your product or service will benefit them.

8. Videos

Videos create more engagement on the website and can explain or tell your story clearly in a short amount of time. Videos will increase organic reach, generate more shares and improve conversions.

If you are not sure where to get started we have a blog on Top 10 Tips When Considering a Video Production Agency to give you some tips on how to choose a video production agency, we offer video production service in-house.

9. Visual Images and Infographics

It's becoming more and more popular to use infographics on the landing pages, and it's due to the fact that they are easier and quicker to understand without having to read long text.

It's always great to show photos of the service or product in action! This will allow the user to get a sense of how they will feel with owning your product or service, building that emotional connection with your potential customers. 

If they like what they see, then it's an easier sell!

Before uploading images to the website, ensure to compress the images to less than 200 KB, they load quicker for users and therefore have a better user experience, and one more thing is to change the name of the file before upload,  that will match the ALT,  so when someone downloads the photos it will have a cleaner file name, and will look better as a permalink.

Once uploaded to the website we need to add ALT into pictures to help for accessibility for those with vision impairment, also Google crawlers can't see but they can read, so ensure that the image is descriptive in ALT which will help search engines to understand the image in detail. - About 125 characters is the sweet spot.

The ALT needs to include the keywords in there and needs to be accurate to what is shown on the picture.

10. Success Stories - SEO tips for landing page

The landing page will have a better conversion rate with success stories, this will help the user trust the business, product or service more, let the user celebrate the success with you.

Examples of success stories that can be added to the landing page are:

  • Testimonials
  • Premium Partnerships
  • Awards
  • How the business helped others

Were our 10 SEO tips focused on the user experience? Yes, they were!

The biggest landing page SEO tip has to be focused on user experience, most of the google algorithms are based philosophically on human website behaviour, they've done tons of research on how people interact, and engage online and this is the key element to successfully improving your SEO rankings...

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