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eCommerce Website Design

With an eCommerce website, your store has the full potential to sell 24/7, and at any location without requiring a physical store, with eCommerce website design and development VM Digital will create convenience for your customer journey.

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Chapter One eCommerce Website Design on Multiple Devices to Show Responsivness

Research and Discovery

VM Digital will discuss with you your store business to get a full understanding of what you sell, or want to sell, and what your business is all about.

When we have gathered the information from you we go and research your market niche and discover what works, and collect the data for use in your eCommerce website design and development project that will help to get more leads, and improve conversions.

We also design a sales funnel visual to create a great customer journey for your customers when they shop in your online eCommerce.


Sitemap is a blueprint of a successful eCommerce website design and development project, that’s where a clear structure of navigation will be created from the research and discovery we did.

Content Management

eCommerce websites will require content that includes copywriting, product/service descriptions, photos and videos.

You can provide your content, and we will do the content entry on your website upon agreeing on how many products/services you plan to offer.

VM Digital can also work with you to produce copywriting, photography and video that will help you to generate more paid, organic leads, and make more conversions.


As part of the eCommerce design and development, you’ll require a brand that you can provide to us so we can follow the guildiness, and of course we can help you with logo creation, colour palette, and typography with our creative in-house superstars.

Mockup Design

Before we put time and energy into the eCommerce website design and development VM Digital creates a static mockup of 2 different samples of home page and product/service page.

That’s where you, and your team, decide on the eCommerce design you like.

Website Design

At this stage, the website is being passed over for front-end development, where we design all elements of the website with all the research that has been completed, the branding, and the mockup design.

eCommerce website is created with accessibility standards, and we follow best practices for User Interface (UI) and User Experience(UX) design.

As part of the design, we design important page elements of an eCommerce website such as cart page, checkout page, and order page to make it visually appealing.

Website Development

VM Digital develops eCommerce with the WordPress CMS.

We have experience working with the best WordPress plugins to save development time, and we develop bespoke extensions/plugins on top of that for your store to help with your store growth, and automation to achieve a bespoke CMS for your store where you can easily manage products, orders, bookings, and reports.

Marketing Forms

For online store marketing forms are an important part to improve the communication between your store and the customer

Some examples of marketing forms would be contact forms, application forms, subscription forms, query forms, and quote forms.

On the submission of the form the details go directly to the specified email by you, are also stored in the website database, and can also be integrated with the systems that you use such as CRM.

From the subscriptions entries that you get VM Digital can assist you with the Email Marketing Campaign.

Safety & Security

VM Digital takes security very seriously ensuring that your website and users data is secure.

We use the hosting we trust, we use plugins that we trust and all the development we do is done with secure code, additionally, we install and configure SSL, 2-FA, site scanners, and 24/7 monitoring to minimise the risk of your website being injected with the virus, or being hacked.


After the eCommerce website has been fully designed, and developed VM Digital does checks to ensure the website functions, is responsive and secure.

Review, Approval, and Launch

With all the hard work we did together it’s finally time for you, and your team to fully review the completed project, and once approved by you we together then launch the website live with your chosen domain.


VM digital will provide a full training session with you and your team to show you how to manage products, services, orders, reports, and the best practices for adding content and optimising your store for organic traffic and paid campaigns.

On request, VM Digital can provide bespoke documentations and video tutorials for your eCommerce website.


An important factor is to have your website up-to-date with the hardware and software it runs to keep on improving user experience and security.

With our premium eCommerce management package you’ll have powerful hosting with constant updates, up-to-date software which is manually updated and tested on a staging website, and over time improved performance, and bugs fixed.

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We are here to help you with the eCommerce Design and Development success

Our eCommerce website design and development follows a process to have your website to be fully accessible, campaign ready, and the eCommerce can be easily discovered and indexed by the search engines for organic results.

Check out more on our website design services page where you can read more about our web design process, which also includes everything for the eCommerce website design.

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