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Video Production Services

As a video focussed marketing agency, our team of experts allow us to guarantee best-in-class video solutions.

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Ana Duca working on post production & video production services

Video Production Speciality

Clients work with us because we specialise in video, with expertise in marketing, creative design and lead generation.  Our clients have collectively commissioned us to produce 100s of video assignments over the last 4 years.

Ana Duca working on video production services

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We work with our clients to tell their story through video. We start the process understanding their goals and who they want to engage with and from there we develop a storyboard, script and shoot list to create a compelling video.
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With the story and shoot day planned we use best in class equipment and have an experienced team who deliver and create quality content.
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Having discussed the goals of the video at the concept development stage and who we want to engage with, we generate different video formats for the various platforms to reach that audience, from websites, social media to presentations or inflight entertainment, we can do it all.

Video Production Statistics

Improves Organic Reach

53 times more likely to reach the front page with Google, with video

Generate More Shares

Social video generate 1200% more shares, than text & image combined

Improves Conversions

Video backgrounds generate a 138% improvement in conversions.

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