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Website content will help your business to grow online by providing helpful, and useful information to the users that come to visit your website.

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For any website content piece, we first do primary research with you by scheduling an interview to get an understanding of what the business does and what the business would like to be known for.

From there on we do competitive research, where we get the data on what content you will require that will help with SEO, and conversions from organic traffic or/and paid campaigns.


From our research, we can get a clearer understanding of what topics you’ll want to cover on your website and we also provide a list of topics with opportunities that we think will be beneficial for your website.

We apply keyword strategy to each topic, this ensures that we are on the right track at all times, and it helps with organic results. Most of the time we aim to have keywords that have some search traffic, sometimes it may not be relevant.


The structure involves a layout of different sub-headings of the actual topic, as most users online scan through the pages and try to find what’s more relevant to them, if the page is hard to follow they may get frustrated and leave.

There is a huge benefit of having photographs and videos for each website content piece/page, some topics may not get great search results or conversions if it’s low on high-quality images or/and videos.

At VM Digital we provide photography and video creation services in our services section.

Copywriting & Proofreading

That’s where we put on a creative hat and start typing the soft copy of topics for your website that we have agreed on with you.

The text follows consistency, with easy-to-read words and context that will be understood by the majority of people, or specific to your market.


Once we have completed the copy we may get more input from you, but most importantly you’ll get to review the content piece and approve it before it goes live on to the website.

Content Entry

Once the copy has been approved, we add it to the website.

As part of the content entry, we add meta tags for keywords, title, and meta description which will be visible in Google Search Results, and it will give a better understanding of the content to the crawlers. We also ensure that every image is optimised with size, name, and the ALT(alternative text) which helps the crawlers and blindly impaired people to understand the images, with the advantage of images being in a wider SERP(search engine results page) such as organic Images search in Google.

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With you we think of topic opportunities that will be useful for your potential and current clients/customers.
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We create content that will be valuable, informative, accessible and crawlable.
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The content will help you with lead generation and healthy conversions.

Benefits of Marketing Agency doing Website Content

Saves Times For Company Employees

Your team can be more productive by focusing on different parts of the business that help with growth while having a small portion of the time on content input.

Ranks well in Google Search Results

All the content that we create is optimised for SEO, and paid campaigns conversions.


Your users will get the useful information that they came for, with an easy-to-follow structure and easy-to-digest context.

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