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VM has extensive experience in designing conversion-based and organic search-friendly websites. We work to deliver the best web design for companies in hospitality, property, interiors, commercial, corporate, and education.

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Research and Discovery

Once we have the brief for your website design project we take time to research the market niche on a local and global level to find opportunities that may be used for the website project


A sitemap is a blueprint for your website, we would not build a building without a blueprint plan. 

This will help to stay focused on the content piece, design, and the development of the website with the best possible layout for user experience.

Content Management

We create the content for what your business wants to be known for, and of course the value it can bring to your users.

As part of our content management, we offer topic research, keyword research, copywriting, proofreading, photography, video production, and content entry.


We create guidelines to follow your colour palette and typography.

As an option, we can also create a logo for your company.

You may have your brand guidelines, and you can provide those to us to follow for your website design project.

Mockup Design

For your new website, we create a static mockup design of a landing page with two different samples, for you and your team to choose from.

We also create a service/product page mockup so you can get visualise the website before the website designer and developers begin the build.

Website Design

Your website is then designed with the research, content, branding, and mockup design in mind, using the best practices and standards for UI (User Interface), User Experience (User Experience), Accessibility and Responsiveness.

Website Development

Your website will have a bespoke WordPress CMS for your business so VM Digital or your in-house team can easily manage your content which includes adding, editing, updating, and deleting content.

The development is focused on the best practices for SEO, which means your website can be easily crawled and indexed in Search Engines. As an agency, we have web designers and developers that are obsessed with clean and well-structured code and optimising every element of the website, such as images to guarantee a fast website loading speed.

Marketing Forms

Your website will most likely require marketing forms such as contact forms, subscription forms, application forms, and quote forms which we can design and develop in-house for your company, so your website can generate new leads 24/7.

Marketing forms can also be integrated with the payment systems to generate conversions 24/7.

For automation, your marketing forms can be integrated with your systems such as customer relations management (CRM) systems.


VM Digital uses the best security practices for website development.

Some of the things we include are an SSL, 2-FA, site scanners, secure code, and best practices.


To ensure the website functions the way it should, the website and code are secure.

We do internal tests and reviews of all elements and the code.

Review and Approval

This will be a time when you, as our client, will review the website design and functionality from all the hard work we do together, to create a new masterpiece for the online world.

CMS training

We will carry out 1-on-1 training with you and the required team members that will be managing the website content

We also provide the required documentation and video tutorials if requested on how to use different elements of your bespoke CMS.

Website Management

We also provide website maintenance and management as part of our website design and development packages. This ensures you have peace of mind, with a guarantee to have your website up to date, and secure at all times.

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We take the time to analyse your business to ensure your website is built in line with your business values, strategy and goals.
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We focus on designing, and developing the website that will represent your business.
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Finally, all websites we design and develop are aimed to have heatlhy conversions from organic traffic, and paid campaigns.

Our main focus is to ensure your customers and clients have a pleasant stay on your website.

This is all achieved through our in-house design and development team, who have the experience to create an amazing user interface (UI) and great user experience (UX). This team also manages all the reviews and testing as we progress.

Every website is developed with a bespoke design, yet at the same time, we ensure it’s well structured so it can be future-proofed with ongoing website design, and development as your business grows.

We focus all web development projects to be discovered by organic traffic. This is achieved with search engine optimisation (SEO), so from day one, we build your website with best SEO practices, so your website is indexed and can be easily found by search engines.

Our Website Design Focus


Modern User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) is designed by us with careful thinking and planning.

Fast Load Time

We follow the latest development practices and optimise for speed that will ensure your website loading speed on mobile and desktop is around or under 1 second, every second counts, a fast load time increases your conversion rate and reduces bounce rate.

Found in Search Engines

All of our websites are built with best  SEO practices, which helps your website to be indexed, and found on search engines.

Website Design FAQ

It depends, each website that we make is completely bespoke and unique to every individual business and corporation and will have different objectives, goals, and strategy.

To give you a guide, it can range from €3000 + VAT for a custom brochure website and anywhere upwards from €8000 + VAT for an eCommerce website. It really depends on the complexity, but all of our websites are custom-built which means we don’t use available themes or many plugins to get the job done, as they have too much unnecessary functionality which slows down the website and puts security at risk.

We can provide an accurate quote once we have analysed your business and have a better understanding of what your website will need to do, so get in touch with us today.


With our maintenance and management, we will do regular checks on your website to ensure it’s up to date with the latest web development standards, this will help your website to function properly and more securely.

As part of our maintenance and management, we guarantee to have an uptime of 99% of your website, this is achieved by updating your website regularly, constantly checking the website to ensure the resources haven’t been overused and having a secure and stable cloud hosting.

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