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Social Media Advertising Tips

Written by Eleanor McGleenan

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Social media advertising has continued to be one of the most popular ways of reaching new audiences and re-engaging previous customers. 

We have put together some of our favourite social advertising tips to help you get more from your social ads.

Social media Advertising Tips

Give it a Try

My first social media advertising tip is to give it a go. There is no better way to understand whether social ads will work for you than just giving them a shot. Putting aside a small test budget and running a campaign for 4 to 6 weeks will provide you with so much information whether or not you decide that it works for you. 

Now that we have that out of the way, back to the valuable tips. 

Get Granular

It can be very tempting to just click the “promote” button under your Facebook or Instagram posts and let Facebook suggest targeting it thinks you should use. But doing this could mean that you race through your budget too quickly and that you aren’t reaching the most relevant audience.

Taking the time to establish common demographics, interests and behavioural traits among your target audience can significantly improve your ads performance, meaning much better engagement and potential leads or sales! This leads nicely to our next Social Advertising tip...

Use Your Data

Suppose you have an established customer base and you’re looking to reach new customers. In that case, you should look at using “Lookalike audience”, this feature is available in many social advertising platforms and means you upload your customer list - Typically First Name, Last Name & Email Address is sufficient - and the platform will search for new audiences who share common traits with your current audiences. This takes the guesswork out of trying to identify who your audience might be online and leverages your first-party data to help you grow your business online. 

Think Outside the Box

Now, I’m not suggesting that you go wild and come up with something that’s never been done before - unless you want to, in which case GO YOU! But if you have a smaller budget, rather than posting ads that jump straight to “Order Now” or “Book Today”, why not try using social advertising to push your USPs and benefits, case studies, testimonials, company success stories etc. Taking this approach might not drive direct sales, but it will increase brand awareness, so when your audience do decide to look for products or services that you. 

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