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Naomi Casey

Accounting Officer

My Story

I have only recently re-entered the workforce after taking time out to be at home with my four daughters. 

I am loving working with numbers again and being part of the team in VM Digital. I spent many years working in various roles within account departments but the thought of returning to work was quite a daunting one. 

Everyone at VM Digital has been so friendly and helpful as I navigate my way around the constantly developing technology. 

With their help, it didn't take too long for me to settle into my role as minder of the company's money. Hopefully, you won't get too sick of hearing from me when your invoices are due. 

I spend most of my free time at the side of a pitch watching a Gaelic football or camogie match. My youngest daughter Sadie was only 6 days old when she attended her first game and the side of a pitch is really where she has been raised.

If she is not watching one of her sisters, Zarah, Freya or Amelia play she is watching me as I try to play.  No doubt with all this exposure at such a young age she is a future Dublin star in the making.

Naomi Casey

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