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Why Bigger is Not Always Better

Written by Fiona Marsh

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In any agency, big or small, everyone is trying to deliver the best results for their clients. Ultimately, agencies are centered around one thing – people, so it is important to choose the agency with the people,  the values and the culture that best fits yours. 

But is the bigger agency the better option?  We don't think so, and here is why….

The Fees

Let's get the money out of the way! Bigger agencies are exactly that – big. That means large teams, spacious premises, and therefore lots of overheads; which can get reflected in their fees. Smaller agencies however have smaller teams, lower overheads and often more modest office spaces, allowing them to offer a competitive pricing structure. Because of this many companies now take the time to consider smaller agencies before jumping in head first with the big guys!

Deal with the lead principle every time…

Yes, the big agencies generally have the big names, but will the CEO touch your account? Probably not!  In small agencies, every client has a big impact on the business. So the whole team is invested in every project and you generally deal with the agency principle or lead specialists. In VM, we like to become an extension of your team,  like a family member, who will advise you on what we would do if we were in your shoes!

Less bureaucracy

Large agencies have often developed effective working structures and processes over years of being in business.  However with growth comes bureaucracy, which can mean the client and the team working on their project, never actually get to speak to each other. When you are not dealing directly with the team, messages are being passed along the chain of command on your behalf, resulting in ideas getting diluted or mixed up.

Working with a smaller agency you’re more likely to have a direct relationship with the strategists and content creators who are actually working on your campaign, allowing you to explain your concepts more accurately – with no third or fourth-hand interpretations of what you want to accomplish.

Hub of creativity…

Yes, we are biased,  but we feel that the smaller agency environment is a hub of creativity! When highly talented teams are working together on things, they start to fill gaps in each other’s knowledge; for example, a strategist can learn from a designer, a designer can learn from a social media expert, etc; creating a mash-up of skills and ideas.  

Also, small agencies often bring talented freelancers in on elements of the project, helping to pair the best skills to the job at hand rather than being stuck with a single given team member’s ideas and experience.  Always keep the focus on creativity, where new ideas can be explored and implemented.


With fewer layers of hierarchy found in smaller agencies,  it can be easier to respond quickly and still produce great content to meet tight deadlines.  Small agencies can adjust their spaces, team and processes faster. Allowing them to adapt to new creative ideas,  as well as staying on the cutting edge of new methods in order to remain competitive.

Now, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t use a bigger agency if your needs and budget allow it – but just because you need a large-scale campaign, doesn’t mean you necessarily need a bigger agency.

Our advice? Weigh up what factors are most important to you. At the end of the day, your main objective is to work with knowledgeable professionals who not only enjoy their work, but will give their best effort on your behalf. 

The goal at VM is to always help the client tell their story and deliver meaningful leads for their business using our talents and experience.

Heart of a small agency, Minds of a large agency

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