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Channor Logo Refresh


While collaborating with Channor Group on their new website design, we identified the need for a slight update and refresh to their logo during our planning meetings. To achieve this, we conducted a comprehensive brand review, examining the existing colour schemes, fonts, and logo utilisation across all marketing materials. We were drawn to the clean and modern aesthetic of the original logo.

To enhance the logo, we proposed making the lettering more open, aligning it with the sky and the top of the building featured within the letter "C." Additionally, we suggested reducing the size of the brand icon to place greater emphasis on the brand name. Furthermore, we noticed the absence of a supporting word to describe Channor's services, also known as a stripline. As a recommendation, we put forth the word "group," which Channor approved.



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As part of the redesign, we introduced a fresh colour palette while retaining the navy blue element. We combined this with Maroon, Olive green, Gold, and Cream. When utilized together, these colours form a striking and memorable palette that conveys professionalism, energy, and elegance.

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