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Citypoint Galway Brochure, Mailer and Ad


Collaborating closely with Savills and TWM Investment teams, we curated a comprehensive suite of marketing collateral for the mixed-use investment opportunity, Citypoint, centrally situated in the vibrant heart of Galway.

Guided by our briefing document's directive for a clean and linear typographic approach, we embraced simplicity while incorporating illustrative elements or patterns on the cover. Maintaining a cohesive visual identity, we employed a refreshing colour palette dominated by deep blues, complemented by an accent of vibrant Indian red for contrast.

Drawing inspiration from the distinctive triangular architecture of Citypoint, our cover concept translates these shapes into refined geometric forms. These geometric motifs are rendered using lines in perspective, adding depth and sophistication to the design

This pattern subtly permeates throughout the brochure, emailers, and press adverts, ensuring a harmonious and compelling visual narrative across all marketing channels.



Savills, TWM

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