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Due to the unique nature of Channor Real Estate Group, it was crucial that their website conveys cohesive visual and content messaging throughout every page by incorporating their brand design. To effectively communicate their commitment to providing high-end property developments and investment portfolios.

Furthermore, the website's structure and navigation needed to be updated to ensure consistency and enhance user experience, making it easier for visitors to explore and engage with the site. Their old site lacked content, strong visuals, call to actions and engaging animations.

The reimagined Channor Real Estate Group website emerges with a fresh, contemporary design that resonates with their commitment to innovation and excellence. The homepage greets visitors with a sleek video loop, showcasing the diverse range of properties and projects within their portfolio. To foster user engagement, the website integrates animations and video content throughout. A refined colour scheme blends sophisticated neutrals with accents that reflect the vibrancy of the real estate industry.


  • Web Design

  • Research & Dicovery

  • Mockup Design

  • Web Development

  • Web Management


Property, Interiors, Corporate



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Navigation has been thoughtfully streamlined, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore the various facets of Channor Real Estate Group. A dedicated "Projects" section takes visitors on a tour of Channor's outstanding current and past developments. High-quality images and detailed project stats provide a comprehensive understanding of each project's unique features and benefits.

In essence, the redesigned Channor Real Estate Group website encapsulates their reputation for innovation and excellence. It provides visitors with a seamless, engaging, and informative experience, cementing Channor's status as a premier player in the real estate arena.

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