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We worked with Ventura Design, the creators of luxury homes to redesign and redevelop their website.





The key focus of the website was to showcase their vast portfolio of work and to bring the user along with the interior design process and enticing them to book a consultation. In order to achieve this, our in house team handled their video and photo content and we filmed and photographed private homes, celeb collaborations, showhouses, commercial developments and their showrooms in Deansgrange, Ballycoolin and London.

An easy to use Content Management System was a fundamental part of the brief, so the team could update content, news clipping, latest portfolio work in a few easy clicks. Also as Ventura have a huge following on social media, it was important that social links were included to encourage engagement with their fans.
To drive leads and enquiries we build a custom ‘Get in touch’ form with a few simple questions to help qualify the leads for the sales team. Any forms filled in would instantly notify the team so they could respond with a call in a timely manner.
We also worked with the team on the social media and PPC campaigns, using the video and photo content we produced as the driver behind all campaigns.

When we started the website had 10,367 Visitors, this increased to 391,000 Visitors (317k from Mobile, 46k Desktop, 27k Tablet)

Instagram 36,800 followers to 85,000
FB 53,196 Likes, 53,532 Followers to 59,000 Likes, 61,200 Followers

YouTube 161 Subscribers and 5k Views to 2,700 Subscribers and over 700k views
Watch Time in hourds was 245 hours to 28,000 hours

Shot, edited and produced over 55 videos for use on the Ventura website, social media, in-showroom screens

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