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John & Spain Associates, a leading planning & development consultancy, recently underwent a transformative redesign and development of its website with VM. The objective was to transition from a static, text-heavy interface to a dynamic website that incorporated visual movement, professional photography, and enhanced usability for an improved user experience. When they came to us,  their website lacked visual appeal, had an overwhelming amount of text, and a cumbersome navigation structure. 

These issues hindered the user experience and struggled to effectively communicate their professionalism and expertise.

The primary goal therefore was to introduce visual elements to capture visitors' attention and create a modern, engaging site.  This was achieved with the integration of subtle animations and transitions to add a sense of movement, providing a more interactive and enjoyable browsing experience. 



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Property, Interiors, Corporate


John Spain & Associates

As part of the process we filmed a collection of their completed projects, from surface level and drone, to showcase their impressive portfolio. These images, along with their team in action and individual headshots, gives the visitor a sense of JSA’s values, culture and commitment to excellence.

Intuitive menus and clear calls-to-action were implemented to guide visitors through the website. It has also  been optimised for all devices and screen sizes, to ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience across all platforms.

The John Spain & Associates’ website redesign, is testament to their commitment to stay at the forefront of professionalism and innovation in their work.

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